Hello, I'm skolskoly, welcome to my website. Among other things, I like to make electronic music. I mostly post about music production, but I occasionally post art and programming. I'm trying to update weekly with production tips and other stuff.

Here's some more about me, if you're interested, or check out some of my music:


I'm pleased to announce that my latest album, Crescent Moon, is now available on Bandcamp! A lot of time has passed since 2012, when I created a loop which would eventually become the title track. I started making music in Renoise when I was 13, and I am 22 now, so the production of this album actually spans most of my life as a musician. Because of this, it contains some very old tracks, and a few newer ones, and it really has been a unique challenge to fit them all together into a single release. It's taken a lot of work to produce this album, and I'm quite happy with the results. I hope that you enjoy listening to it.

Special Edition

I don't like putting a price on my music, but I do appreciate those of you who choose to support my work. If you would like to pay, I have created a special edition with some bonus content which you can purchase here. Some of this material will likely be freely available in the future, so think of it as a preview and thanks, rather than as an exclusive release.

Also, if you repost my music on any platform, or even mention it to a friend, I'd like to send you a free copy. Just DM or email me with a link, screenshot, or whatever. Word of mouth is almost more imporant than the money, as I don't pay for advertising or promotion. No one would know about my work if it weren't for you!

What's Next

Over these years I have explored many interesting ideas and improved my skills; I don't think it will take another eight years to produce my next album! That said, I will be taking a break before working on another major release. You will hear from me again soon, but it won't necessarily be new music. I have a number of programming projects that I want to finish, and my art page is looking quite sparse, so I'd like to remedy that. Until next time!


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