Music Commissions

Commission Status: Open

Contact: skolskoly AT gmail DOT com (Subject: MUSIC COMMISSION)

If you would like some music for your game, animation, website, or project, then send me an email. I can't guarantee that I can accept all requests, but I will respond if I am available. If you want to use any of my existing music, let me know, and we can discuss that as well. I also ask that you give attribution for my work, if possible. Typical rates are listed below:

Loops will have a few sections with a simple arrangement and basic instruments. A short track can include some further instrumentation and extra sections. Finally, a full track is longer, more detailed, and has a typical pop song structure. Any of these categories can be upgraded to the next category at any point during production. These rates should apply for most things, but if you have some other project in mind I'd be happy to discuss it with you.

If you decide to commission music, I expect some examples or a description of the kind of music you want. I will send you some progress reports if you want to give feedback, which may be helpful to narrow in on the sound you are looking for. I will accomodate most small suggestions to the best of my ability, but I may charge extra for larger changes that will take more time. Note that, although the example tracks use a mix of 8bit (gameboy-ish) and 16bit (SNES-ish) sounds, it's also possible just to stick to one or the other. To get an idea of what palettes are available, take a listen to some of my past work: