Updates - 2019/08/30

Hello Again

Man, it's been a long time since I've updated this site. So much for weekly updates! Over the past few years I've been busy with university, but now I've finally graduated. That should hopefully mean I'll have time to produce content on a more regular basis. Seems I have a bad track record of keeping that promise, though.

New Album: Crescent Moon

But with that said, I have a major announcement: a new music release will be out soon. It's a ten track album of electronic music of various genres, inspired by artists like Lain Trzaska (shemusic), Daft Punk, Shiki, and a lot of dance music from the mid 2000's. The sound is very different from my previous releases, and I hope it will be a pleasant surprise.

Making dance music was one of my original aspirations as a musician and producer, but it was difficult to attain the exact sound I was looking for. Over the years I have created many interesting ideas, but, when I was just starting out, a lot of these ideas were too difficult for me to develop into full tracks. This album is the product of many of those ideas, which I have now dusted off and finished. In fact, the oldest track on the album has been sitting on my hard drive for 7 years! The name of the track in question is "Crescent Moon", a name it shares with the album. Seeing how old it is, I figure it has earned its right to be the title track.

At the moment, the album is basically finished. I just need some time to correct mix issues and make album art and so on. I have not chosen a release data, but you can expect it to be out before the end of September.

Signing Off

With that out of the way, here's some teaser music. I considered putting it on the album, but decided I'd use it for promo material, and a little preview of what's in store. I will be posting a few more of these leading up to the release, so stay tuned!