Crescent Moon

I'm pleased to announce that my latest album, Crescent Moon, is now available on Bandcamp! A lot of time has passed since 2012, when I created a loop which would eventually become the title track. I started making music in Renoise when I was 13, and I am 22 now, so the production of this album actually spans most of my life as a musician. Because of this, it contains some very old tracks, and a few newer ones, and it really has been a unique challenge to fit them all together into a single release. It's taken a lot of work to produce this album, and I'm quite happy with the results. I hope that you enjoy listening to it.

Special Edition

I don't like putting a price on my music, but I do appreciate those of you who choose to support my work. If you would like to pay, I have created a special edition with some bonus content which you can purchase here. Some of this material will likely be freely available in the future, so think of it as a preview and thanks, rather than as an exclusive release.

Also, if you repost my music on any platform, or even mention it to a friend, I'd like to send you a free copy. Just DM or email me with a link, screenshot, or whatever. Word of mouth is almost more imporant than the money, as I don't pay for advertising or promotion. No one would know about my work if it weren't for you!

What's Next

Over these years I have explored many interesting ideas and improved my skills; I don't think it will take another eight years to produce my next album! That said, I will be taking a break before working on another major release. You will hear from me again soon, but it won't necessarily be new music. I have a number of programming projects that I want to finish, and my art page is looking quite sparse, so I'd like to remedy that. Until next time!