Updates - 2016/07/23

Well the site is finally in working order. I figure a catch-up post is in order to document everything that's happened in the past year or so. I decided to compile my sound effects into a library for free use. I think they should be pretty useful for game developers and producers. I also began doing graphic design for the Plum, an online music magazine focussing on obscure artists. The project is pretty small, but it's worth checking out.

Late last year I pitched an idea for a cyberpunk project on lainchan. I began working with some other users over IRC to brainstorm ideas and produce concept pieces. This ultimately culminated in my album, Deus Intra Machinam, and a short story in the lainzine. Get the zine here if you'd like to read it, and take a look at the 1998AD page to see the rest of our work.

Regarding music, I'm working on making a small electronica release in the next few months, and after that I'll be working on another album. Both releases will have more of an upbeat sound than my last two albums, which should be fun. I'm also going to be writing some articles on music production with Renoise to share the useful techniques I've discovered. It's been a pretty productive year, and there's lots of things to come!