Updates - 2016/11/18

Alright, I said that I was going to be updating weekly now but I guess I kind of didn't last week. Unless I count changing my homepage. We can go with that. Anyway I'm here now with a quick general update and some fresh tips, tricks and tools. A bit late in the week, but what can you do.

If you use linux and jack, I wrote a simple script to for accessing a 5 minute buffer of your system's audio output. Good for idly watching some youtube videos and sampling random things. I've found lots of other uses too, like yanking a drum beat from a song I'm listening to, or saving some improvisation that I didn't have the forsight to record.

It can also be a sound design tool, allowing you to layer a sample up and create nice textures or percussion. Here's a couple of good examples. The script can be used with reverb and effects to layer up some really nice pad sounds; shout out to FabFilter here for their new reverb plugin, which generates some of the widest, cleanest verbs I've ever heard.

As an addendum to my mix-paste article, I've found that you can make some DIY Paulstretch or reverb sounds by fading out a sample's transients pasting repeatedly. You can sort of take short samples and emphasize their harmonic content by stretching them out. The results are kind of fun, and I managed to grab this gem of a recording with my script. I was hoping to update the article with this technique, but I'm a bit strapped for time as it is, so I think I'll leave it as is for now.

Signing off, until next Friday.